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Effects of Variety, planting pattern and density of plant phenology traits basil plants (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Mohammad Ghazi Pirkouhi, Amin  Nobahar,Mohammad Ali Dadashi


Performance of phosphate solubilizing bacteria for improving growth and yield of rice (Oryza Sativa L.) in the presence of phosphorus fertilizer

Hassan Shokri VahedParisa Shahinrokhsar and Fatemeh Heydarnezhad


The effect of different green manure application in dry land condition on some soil physical properties

S. B. Mosavi, A.A. Jafarzadeh, M. R. Nishabouri, Sh. Ostan, V. Feiziasl & E. Karimi


Bioinformatics Analysis of Promoters Cis-elements and study on Genes Co-expression of Oxidative Defense Pathway inOryza sativa L. Plant

Masoud Yousefi, Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh, Hosein Askari and Najmeh Nasiri


Studying of the Effect of LandUse Changes on Some Soil Degradation Indicators in Abbahar Masjed Soleiman Region

Ali Gholami, Anis Hosseini Kahkesh, Ebrahim Panahpour


Influence of Land Use Changes on Some Soil Quality Indexes in Abbahar Masjed Soleiman Region

Ali Gholami, Anis Hosseini Kahkesh, Ebrahim Panahpour


Influence of plant growth promoter bacteria and plant density on yield components and seed yield of ajowan (carum copticum)

Ardalan Ghilavizadeh, Mohammad Taghi Darzi, Mohammadreza Haj Seyed Hadi, Farhad Rejali


Competitive and Non-competitive Adsorption Characteristics of Nickel and Cadmium in Two Soils

R. Ghasemi-Fasaei, K. Yousefi, S. Sheikhpour, K. Metanat, M. Pakjou


Evaluation of cardinal temperatures and germination responses of four ecotypes of Bunium persicum under different thermal conditions

Amir Hossein Saeidnejad, Mohammad Kafi, and Mohammad Pessarakli


Yield and Yield Components of Lentil (Lens culinarisMedik.) Affected by Seed Quality and Water Supply

Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani, Amir Asadi-Danalo,Jalil Shafagh-Kolvanagh And Javad Bakhshy


Studying the Condition of Nitrate Pollution in Lettuce Product

Ali Gholami,Parisa Forouzmand, Ali Afrous,Ebrahim Panahpour


Effect of different fertility treatments, foliage harvesting and irrigation on seed-hardness of annual medic (Medicago scutellata cv. Robinson) in a lay farming system in Iran

Keyvan Shamsi,Ghobad Shabani,Mohammd Reza Ardakani ,Mohammd Reza Chaichi, Jurgen K.Friedel,Kazem Khavazi


Investigation the Southern Oscillation Index Effect on Dry/Wet Periods in North of Iran

Miromid Hadiani, Saeid Jahanbakhsh Asl, Majid  Rezaei Banafsheh, Yaqub Dinpajouh, Esmaeil Yasari


Assessment of genetic diversity among Hyoscyamus genotypes based on ISSR markers

Fatemeh Nejadhabibvash, Fatemeh Rahmani,Reza Heidari andRashid Jamei


The effect of intercropping and pure cropping of alfalfa with 3 rangeland grass species on Forage Dry Matter and Crude protein yield in dry land farming condition

Amraei, S., Jafari. A., Nouri. F., Gorje. A.H., Shabani. Gh