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Energy consumption and assessment of econometric model between input and output for wheat production in Gorve country, Kordestan Province of Iran

Mohamad reza moghimi, Behzad mohammadi alasti, Mohammad ali hadad drafshi, Mehdi abasgholipor ghadim, Morteza Taki


Cadmium Levels in Rice Product of South of Iran and its Daily Intake

Mohammad Amin Mehrnia


Assessment of Drought Tolerance in bread wheat genotypes Based on Resistance/ Tolerance Indices

Safoora Dehbalaei, Ezatollah Farshadfar and Mohsen Farshadfar


Effect Of Seed Rate On Growth, Yield Components And Yield Of Mungbean Grown Under Irrigated Conditions In The North Of Khuzestan

Parviz Dainavizadeh and  Mohammad Mehranzadeh 


Study of intercropping corn and soybean in various planting dates

Mostafa Amjadian, Naser Latift, Mohsen Farshadfar and Mehranoosh Gholipoor


The Effect of Irrigation-off at some Growth Stages on Remobilization of Dry Matter and Yield of Corn Hybrids

Mojtaba Alavi Fazel, Shahram Lack, Mahdiye Sheykhi Nasab


Evaluation of yield and yield components in some of promising wheat lines

Gholamreza Tahmasebi, Javad Heydarnezhadian, Alireza Pour Aboughadareh


Detection of Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone and T2-Toxin produced by Fusarium species in different cultures

Oadi N. Matny


Review on dual role of reactive oxygen species in seed physiology and germination

Morad Shaban, Abasalt Rostami Ajirloo, Ghorban Didebaz Moghanloo and Tahmine Bahrampour


Effects of Probiotics and Antibiotic Supplementation on Serum Biochemistry and Intestinal Microflora in Broiler Chicks

Fahimeh Hashemzadeh, Shaban Rahimi, Mohammad Amir Karimi Torshizi, Ali Akbar Masoudi


Effects of soybean seed coat cracks on seed exudation and its influence on pre-emergence damping-off of soybean in soil infested with Macrophominaphaseolina

S.J. Sanei, Z. Mehri and E. Lotfalinezhad


Grouping the factors analysis in adopting integrated pest management (IPM) From the viewpoint of Garmsar city gardeners

Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri, Alireza ladan moghaddam


Comparison  function  natural  absorbents  on Mobility of Heavy Metals (Cadmium and Lead) in Contaminated Sandy Soil

Bahareh Lorestani, Bahar Poyandeh, Mojgan Shajari, Hajar Merrikhpour


Microbial inoculants and foliar fertilizers improves groundnut grain yield in Sudan savanna’s small scale farmers

Clement O. Ncho, Joséphine T. Ama–A bina, Ado A. Yusuf, Martin Jemo, Robert C. Abaidoo


Estimation of the values of soil absorption ratio using integrated geostatistical and artificial neural network methods

Seyyed Ali Moasheri, Hamed Foroughifar


Estimating the spatial distribution ofgroundwater quality parameters of Kashan plain with integration method of Geostatistics – Artificial Neural Network Optimized by Genetic-Algorithm

Seyyed Ali Moasheri, Omolbani Mohamad Rezapour, Zeynab Beyranvand, Zeynab Poornoori


Effect of vermicompost in runoff  and  soil erosion and  water infiltration in sloped lands by using from rain simulator

Mohammad mahdi chari , Saeid Gazmeh, Peyman Afrasiab, Soheila Rezazadehshamkhal


Effects of Sulfur Pads and Ammi Plant Essential Oil on Storage Life of Grapevine ( Vitis vinifera) cv. Rasha

Karim Khezrzadeh, Hamed Doulati Baneh, Abbas Hassani, Rahim Abdollahi and Rasoul Saedyan


Effect of putrescine on dragonhead under low temperature.

Mahdi khorshidi, AtefeAbavisani


The Effect of Source-Sink Restriction and Plant Density Changes on the Role of Assimilate Remobilization in Corn Grain Yield

Fatemeh Falihzade, Mani Mojadam, Shahram Lack


Evaluation on Remobilization of Photosynthesis Materials in Conditions of Source and Sink Limitation in Corn Hybrid K.S.C. 704

Mojtaba Alavifazel, Shahram Lak , Maryam Sakhravee


Studying the Effects of Using Herbicides and Split of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield and Yield Components of D79-15 Wheat

Ali Yegane nejad, MojtabaAlavi Fazel, Ahmadrezaomani


Feasibility of Canola culture (The Case of Markazi Province, Iran)

Mostafa Amjadian, Mohsen Farshadfar and Mehranoosh Gholipoor


Characterization of plant-parasitic nematode communities associated with tomato, eggplant and pepper in the suburban area of ​​Niamey (Niger)

Haougui Adamou, Basso Adamou, Abdou Habou Oumarou, Sidikou Ramatou Djermakoye Seyni,Et Adam Toudou


The Effect of Market Information Awareness on the Attraction of New Investments: A Case study of Kermanshah province

Jalel Shiry, Ali Falahati and Babak Jamshide Naved