International journal of agriculture and crop sciences


An Analysis of Solid Waste Generation and Disposal in Dutse Sahelian Zone of Jigawa State, Nigeria

Aminu Mansur


Climate Change Assessment in Gilan province, Iran

Ladan Kazemi Rad, Hosein Mohammadi


Effect Of Sitosterol On Growth, Metabolism And Protein Pattern Of Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L) Plants Grown Under Salt Stress Conditions

Sharifa S. Abu-Muriefah


Effects Of Salicylic Acid On Growth, Yield And Chemical Contents Of Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L) Plants Grown Under Salt Stress Conditions

Amira M. S. Abdul Qados


Decision Support System Development for   Resistant Wheat Varieties

Suman Lata, M.S.Saharan, Indu Sharma, Megha Chaudhary


Effects of plant growth regulators and carbohydrates on callus induction and proliferation from leaf explant of Lippia multiflora Moldenke (Verbenacea)

Soumahoro Brahima André, Kone Mongomaké, Kouassi Kan Modeste, Koffi Kouablan Edmond, Kone Tchoa, Kouakou Tanoh Hilaire, Kouadio Yatty Justin


Assessment of Interrelationship among Agronomic and Yield Characters of Chickpea

Tesfamichael Semere Mallu, Aggrey Bernard Nyende, N.V.P.R Ganga Rao, Damaris Achieng Odeny, Stephen Githiri Mwangi


The effect of various concentrations of salep gum on physicochemical characteristics of low-fat white cheese

Sana Nikjooy, Maryam Ghaye joo, Shima Safi Jahanshahi


Defining the metal ions contaminants   in the leaves and growing place soil of   cultivated A.triphylla plant with addition of humic substances to root

Alireza Sardashti, Mohmamd Hossien angtarash, Amir Asadi


Production of Polyclonal Antibodies to Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus Isolates Affecting Legumes and Ornamental Plants In Taif Province

Eman A. H. Khattab,  Hayam S. Abdelkader


Assess the situation accountability Teaching Hospital in Imam Reza (AS) from the perspective of nurse’s Kermanshah 2013

Afshin Esfandnia, Fardin Esfandnia


In-line Measurement of Moisture Content of Wheat by Acoustic Method

Mehdi Lotfi, Hosain Darvishi


Influence of different plant densities on crop yield of six safflower genotypes under Egyptian newly reclaimed soils conditions

Mohamed Hamza


Application of an Max-Min Ant System Algorithm for Optimal Operation of Multi – Reservoirs (Case study: Golestan and Voshmgir Reservoir Dams)

Omolani Mohammad Reza Pour, Mohamad Javad Zeynali


Seed Potentialities Of Medics In Subhumid Zone With A View To Use Them In Steppe Zone

Chabaca R, Alane F, Abdelgherfi-Laouar M,Abdelgherfi A


The Effect of Chilling at the End of the Growth Period on Yield and Morphological Traits of Sunflower Hybrids

Hojjatollah SohrabiZolmabadi, Mojtaba AlaviFazel, Mojtaba HashemiJazi, davood parvari


Assessing The Native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbioses To Rehabilitate A Degraded Coastal Sand Dune In Algeria

Bouazza Marouf K, Ighilhariz Z, de Lajudie P, Duponnois R, Bekki A


Combining Ability And Heterotic Orientation Of Selected Zambian Maize Inbred Lines Under Low Soil Phosphorus Conditions

Chanda Richard, Lovemore Daka, David S. Osiru, Mick S. Mwala, Davies Lungu, Kalaluka Munyinda, Mweshi Mukanga


Influence of different plant densities on crop yield of six safflower genotypes under Egyptian newly reclaimed conditions

Mohamed Hamza


The effect of thyme essential oil ,calcium chloride and storage time on quantity and quality of sapodilla fruit (Manilkara   zapota  L. ) Var. Oval

Malihe Sadeghi Bahmani, Morteza Yusefzadi, Hamed Hasanzadeh, Maryam Yektankhodaeei


A review of salt stress

Ehsaneh Khodadadi, Baratali Fakheri, Saeed Aharizad, Majid Norouzi, Ehsan Khodadadi


The Utility of Biomarkers in Selection for Hydrothermal Stress Tolerance in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz).

Ephraim Nuwamanya, Patrick R Rubaihayo, Denis Mpairwe, David Osiru, Yona Baguma, Joseph F Hawumba


Adaptation Assessment of Some Wheat advanced lines in Kabul Agro-Ecological Conditions

Mohammad Wali Salari, Mohammad Bahman Sadeghi, Kalimullah Saighani, Ahmad Fahim Samadi and Wakil Ahmad Sarhadi


Effects of Lime, Wood Ash, Manure and Mineral P Fertilizer Rates on Acidity Related Chemical Properties and Growth and P Uptake of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) on Acid Soil of Farta District, Northwestern Highlands of Ethiopia

Asmare Melese, Markku Yli-Halla and Birru Yitaferu


Effects Of Rainfall On Arable Land-Use And Recommendations For Adaptation

Francis Ndamani and Tsunemi Watanabe