International journal of agriculture and crop sciences


Effect Of Seaweed Extracts On The Growth And Biochemical Constituents Of Wheat

F Shahbazi, M Seyyed nejad A Salimi, A Gilani


Quantitative And Qualitative Indices  Of Peppermint Essential Oil In Water Stream, Classical Hydroponics And Soil Conditions

G.S. Davtyan


Biomonitoring of Allelopathy between Salix alba L. and Five Triticum Cultivars at Delta Region, Egypt

Abdel-Latif A, El-Darier S, Abdel-Razik Mand Salem S


Effect of replacing Nicosulfuron and Foramsulfuron plus Cultivation instead of Atrazin and Alachlor in Maize (S.c.704) in the North of Khuzestan in Iran

Hassan Rahmany , Fatemeh Nouraki


Effect of Varying Water Applications on Evapotranspiration and Yield of Cowpea under Sprinkler Irrigation System

O. T. Faloye and M. O. Alatise


Zinc Biofortification, Preference or Essential?

Fariborz Shekari, Abdollah Javanmard and Amin Abbasi


Evaluation of soil fertility status in various agro ecosystems of Thrissur District, Kerala, India

C. Kavitha and M.P. Sujatha


Production Efficiency of Rice Production in Kwara State, Nigeria

Ogunniyi LT, Komolafe OD, Fanifosi GE, Rasaki WA


Effect of different levels of salinity on germination and early seedling growth of three rice varieties cultivated in Mauritania

Soukeina Mint El Mokhtar, Abdoulaye Samb, Abdallahi Ould Moufid, Ali Ould Mohamed Salem Boukhary, Taleb Khyar Ould Djeh


Multivariate analysis of colored and white grape grown under semi-arid tropical conditions of Peninsular India

Veena Joshi, Vinod Kumar, Manoj Debnath, Santosh Pattanashetti, MT Variath, Santosh Khadakabhavi


Water Quality Assessment Of Lake Bosomtwe For Irrigation Purpose, Ghana

Eric Asamoah, Kwabena Abrefa Nketia, Adams Sadick, Daniel Asenso Gyambibi, Eric Kwabena Forkuo, John Ayer, Eric Owusu Adjei


Effects of municipal waste compost and irrigation regimes on yield and yield components of Safflower ( Carthamus tinctorius L)

Samaneh Mehrafrid , Seyed Morteza Azimzadeh and Kourosh Ehteramian


Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi in two perturbed ecosystems (dune and saline soil) in west Algeria

Nehila Afaf, Ighilhariz Zohra, Boukhatem Zineb Faiza, Bekki Abdelkader


Insurance Purchasing Decisions of Wheat Farmers in Hebei Province P.R.China

Abdur Rehman, Wang Jian, Mohammad Niamat Ullah, Sun Zhimin, Wang Yuan


Chemical constituents of the flower oil of Acacia luciana from Iran

Ali Reza Sardashti, Jafar Valizadeh, Mostafa Heidari Majd


Study on genetic diversity of Pseudomonas tolaasii and Pseudomonas reactans bacteria associated with mushroom brown blotch disease employing ERIC and BOX-PCR techniques*

Shadi Tajalipour, Nader Hassanzadeh, Asghar Heydari and Hossein Khabbaz Jolfaee


The role of life skills training on happiness and entrepreneurship characteristics of incoming students in Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University students

Mohammad Mehdi Mardanshahi


Investigation of different irrigation regimes on the morphological facors of Aloe vera.

Seyed Mohammad Hosein  Al Omrani Nejad   and  Ali Rezvani Aghdam


Examination the effects of hydro-priming and priming by salicylic acid on lentil aged seeds

Leila Mohammadi and Farid Shekari


Comparison of chemical and biological fertilizers on yield and yield components of RGS canola seed in different seed densities

Mohsen Hamidi, Mohammad Nasri, Mahin Hanifepoor


Growth and productivity of different potato varieties under Gaza Strip conditions

Ismail Ali Abu-Zinada,  Wael Atteif Mousa


Physiological Responses to Infection by Tomato bushy stunt virus in Different Host Plants.

Awatif S. Ali, Faiza A. Fattouh, Radwa M. Fathy


Evaluation of wheat seed parts in control plots (seed purity and seed-borne diseases) In Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province

Saeid Karimzade sooreshjani, Bahram Majd Nasiri, Sam Safari Dehkohne


Protective Roles of Brassinolide on Tomato Seedlings under Drought Stress

Mehri Behnamnia


AtDREB2A-CA Gene Over-expression in Rosa chinensis Jacq. Affect Leaf Ultrastructure Response to Salt Stress

Tchouopou Lontchi Josine, Jing Ji, Gang Wang, Qing Zhao, Hai Lan Yang, Yu Rong Wangand Wei Dang Wu


Impact of Biological Fertilizers on Vegetative and Reproductive Traits of Stock (Mathiola incana L.)

Leila Ahmadian, Mostafa Arab, Mahmoud Reza Roozban


Effects of Magnetized Municipal Effluent on Some Chemical Properties of Soil in Furrow Irrigation

Ali Reza Soltani Todeshki, Hamid RaeisiVanani, Mohammad Shayannejad, Kaveh Ostad Ali Askari


Effects of Decaying Leaf Litter from Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) A. Gray, Vernonia amygdalina Del., and Inorganic Fertilizer on the Growth of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz).

Chukwuka KS, Ogunsumi AI, Obiakara MC and Uka UN


A Sustainable Approach towards Minimizing Atmospheric Benzene by the Use of Plants

Pallavi Saxena and Chirashree Ghosh


Investigating the effect of two species of mycorrhiza fungi and salinity on growth, function and chlorophyll content on Ocimum basilicum

Masomeh Ashoori, Shahram Ashraf, Zarin Taj Alipour


Effect of two species of Mycorrhizal fungi and salinity on proline amount, absorption and transmission of elements on Ocimum basilicum

Masomeh Ashoori, Shahram Ashraf , Zarin Taj Alipour